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Bhrigu Samhita In Marathi Pdf [Latest] 2022




Also known as Dr. Abhijeet Joshi, Shriniwas Patil, Arunpatil, Shriniwas Akhale and Shri Jaydhas Patil, Shriniwas Patil is a very prominent name in Maharashtrian literature. After completing his study of Bachelor of Arts in Marathi, he went for his Post Graduation in Sanskrit in 1953. His research work was on Marathi Bhakti Literature and its evolution. Shriniwas Patil was born in a middle class Marathi family of a village called Zuna in Chikhali, Dist. Kolhapur on 5th of January 1928. His father Prof. Shriniwas Kumbhar, was the Educationist and, his mother Sarojadevi Patil, was the Social worker. Prof. Shriniwas Kumbhar and Sarojadevi Patil had two more sons, Shrinivas Patil and Achintas Patil. Prof. Shriniwas Kumbhar Patil was a Marathi writer and translator and Shrinivas Patil is a Sanskrit scholar. After completing his schooling in the village school of Zuna, he went to Poona College. After completing his schooling in Class IV he joined Class V of Poona College in which Shriniwas Patil completed his post graduation. Shriniwas Patil was the youngest among the four brothers. The eldest was Shrinivas Patil. Shriniwas Patil After completing his Post Graduation Shriniwas Patil joined Tribhuvan University College in Pune to pursue further research on Sanskrit. His first research was on Shrimad Devi Bhagwatam. He was the Research Scholar of Tribhuvan University, Pune in 1956-57, Thesis titled "Social, Political and Religious Organisation and Poetry of a Sect" (1956-57). The research work was conducted with the participation of a local Indian Languages Association. After completing his PhD. in Sanskrit he moved to Bombay University and was awarded the Second Prize in a Fellowship written test conducted by Sahitya Academy. He was a Poster Award Winner in his PhD and the research work. The research work was entitled "The Fundamental Concepts of Marathi Purvahan




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Bhrigu Samhita In Marathi Pdf [Latest] 2022

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